I am the administrator for this blog announce that for while the mediafire download link will be "DELETED" caused by mediafire does not support any file hoting anymore.

Later, I will update the link and add another full software.

Forgive me for inconvenience.

PartitionMagic Version 8.0 (Build 1242) Full Serial For Windows XP

mcdeden | 16:50 | 1 comments

PowerQuest Partition Magic 8 serves to create, resize and merge partitions on your hard drive without destroying data. Partition Magic helps organize and protect your data, run multiple operating systems, convert file system types and fix partition table errors.


  • Adjust and protect information on your hard drive
  • easy to perform the task partition
  • Preview the effect of partitioning the hard drive before implementing anything
  • Safely manage multiple operating systems
  • partition larger hard drive 80 GB
  • Access and partition external USB drives
  • Undelete deleted partition from rescue disks
  • copy, move, delete and create partitions on TCP / IP connection
  • Create and run scripts to automate common tasks partition
  • Convert from one file system or partition type to another without losing data
  • Supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and Linux file system ext2/Swap
  • Support for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP



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    The link is not correct Or The file is deleted! Please correct it