I am the administrator for this blog announce that for while the mediafire download link will be "DELETED" caused by mediafire does not support any file hoting anymore.

Later, I will update the link and add another full software.

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Windows XP Complete Pure 2011

mcdeden | 19:58 | 1 comments

Windows XP Complete Pure 2011 | 564 Mb

  • XP version of the excellent team modified giant Genius Team
  • Version based on the basis of Xp Professional Sp3 Genuine OEM and enabled
  • Release the last updates until 20 December and the serial ROM with the original – do not need to admit him
  • Not remove anything from the components of version – so it has the stability of fully and safely beyond the borders
  • Digital Clear Bad sectors SATA version supports full support and suitable for all devices – including mobile and desktop
  • Release only consume 2 GB of hard and less than 90 MB of Alramat – Enjoy unlimited speeds
  • 3 Languages Supported (English, French, Arabic)

All Microsoft Windows hotfixes and Security Update Untill Dec 2010 Windows Media Player 11 With latest Updates Internet Explorer 8 With Latest Updates DirectX for Windows XP SP3 Dec 2010 Update Full Support All Sata and Raid Drivers All Microsoft NET Frameworkfrom 1.1 untill 2 with latest updates Adobe Flash Player with latest updates MSXML 4.0 SP3 With latest Updates Microsoft & Windows Update Malicious Software Removal Tool v3.8 Windows Genuine Advantage Validation AIO Cursors Pack New CPL for Control panel Silverlight With latest Updates All Microsoft Visual C + + Runtimes Untill Dec 2010