I am the administrator for this blog announce that for while the mediafire download link will be "DELETED" caused by mediafire does not support any file hoting anymore.

Later, I will update the link and add another full software.

Forgive me for inconvenience.

DocX Viewer – viewing Word 2007,2010 without any version of MS Word

mcdeden | 10:29 | 0 comments


  1. Portable. This tool need no installation, you can take it wherever you need to view docx file.
  2. Light. This 600KB program can view the files as MS WordViewer which is 50MB of size does.
  3. Fast. With Wonder Studio’s Direct DocX technology, it works ten times faster than OpenXML Viewer(on Firefox) and much faster than MS Word Viewer.
  4. Accurate. You will see much more accurate layout and appearance than Google’s "view as HTML" and OpenXML Viewer.