I am the administrator for this blog announce that for while the mediafire download link will be "DELETED" caused by mediafire does not support any file hoting anymore.

Later, I will update the link and add another full software.

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DeepFreeze Standard

mcdeden | 13:43 | 0 comments

The new version of Deep Freeze from the company Faronics, allowing to freeze the current state of the system. An application can safely recommend system administrators, whose job is to service a local area network of libraries, schools, Internet cafes.

Nothing will protect your system, like Deep Freeze. The program is closely integrated with the operating system and records all changes made by the user, in specially designated areas on your hard disk. After the restart area record is cleared, and before the user is presented absolutely pure system. You can install different programs to run viruses, change system settings or delete system files and registry entries: after a reboot will evaporate from the changes. To access the control panel software, you need to keep the Shift key and double-click the right mouse button on the Deep Freeze icon in the system tray.